Weekly wins for the week of 2023 06 26

Scattered wins this week:

  • After three tries (all administrative or preparation missteps of one sort or another) the girl now has a learner’s permit; a small but crucial step toward learning a few adult skills.
  • Disconcert between two teams is giving way to eagerness and collaboration. Three things I often talk about are helping us along:
    1. referring to real customer data,
    2. finding and negotiating common goals, and
    3. humans remembering to relate to one another.
  • A couple of the people I support are getting the message that attention to detail must be demonstrated. (In the details! Surprise.) This has required some tight feedback loops, but I think I’m successfully avoiding micromanaging.
  • Mentorship is fun! I might have a new mentee, perhaps just for the duration of their job search.