About me

I lead product design teams for web and mobile apps, edtech, smart home, wi-fi, consumer electronics, medical devices, and more.


  • Newly-minted Director of User Experience at Invoca, making call intelligence software
  • Mentor at ADPList.org and Designed.org, here to help designers think well about their work, consider the leap to management, and to help new managers wrestle with their new responsibilities
  • Mentor at tupu.io, same deal
  • Husband, father, tinkerer, maker, just handy enough to be trouble

Before that

I love to develop and lead designers and researchers, and I love to help folks marry hardware, software, and services to produce pleasant, fulfilling product experiences that solve real-world problems. I have a portfolio that’s not super-duper up-to-date, and a scratchpad of thoughts and notes about design and design leadership and making. It’s just getting started but you’re welcome to have a look. I also have a handful of patents in IoT, software, and medical device technology.


Suzanne Hopkins, Director of Product Management, Cayuse

Upon joining our team, Jon immediately made significant improvements to our team by building the framework for a design library. His logical thinking and pragmatic approach to process improvements and design were foundational in building a scalable framework for our team of Product Managers and UX designers. 

Jon also puts inclusion and team happiness at the core of building his team. He could always be counted on to provide a non-biased, inclusive view to our leadership conversations. 

In short, Jon is a strong, compassionate leader who is an asset to any leadership team. I welcome any opportunity to work with Jon in the future.

Jamie Bolton, UX Design Manager, Linksys

Jon is a steady leader. I worked as a UX Designer for Jon at Belkin. At that time, Jon led the UX department for 3 brands, Belkin, Linksys, and Wemo.

He created a centralized UX department that had a strong UX culture. Our workflow included healthy exchanges of ideas during design critique, retro after releases, and agility with every project. He is organized and goals-driven. His enviable writing skills led to many clear design objectives and tasks for the team. Goals were inspiring, and constraints were defined sensibly. He often gave feedback by asking questions which lets you arrive at the answer on your own – a great teaching technique!

We worked in a highly technical industry, and while it was difficult at times to marry design and technology, he was skilled at distilling networking complexities into digestible information. Often, he fought for users in a highly technical environment with high tension and stakes. He always remained the mature one in the room – calm and objective to achieve what was necessary. His organizational leadership is top-notch, and while it’s been a few years since Jon and I worked together, I still learn from him as my mentor. He is very patient with me as I step into his shoes and try to navigate the product design space as a leader, a path he put me on when he promoted me to Design Manager years ago. I am grateful to Jon for trusting in me. He is a fantastic friend who takes time out of his day to get you to think of situations in different ways, which ultimately brings out the best outcomes.

Angelica Bunyi, Product Designer, Datto

Jon is an extremely thoughtful and caring leader who is always willing to support his team in any way that he can. On top of his deep knowledge and expertise in UX, Jon has an amazing ability to foster a work environment of open communication and trust. When working on challenging projects, I always felt comfortable asking him for advice and never felt like I was asking a “dumb question”. Despite being spread thin across different projects, Jon was always engaged and asked insightful questions to help define and shape ambiguous client requests and projects. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from Jon early in my UX career. His guidance and mentorship the past few years has made me a more confident designer and any team would be beyond lucky to have him.

(There are more recommendations on my LinkedIn profile.)


  • International Design Excellence Awards, Finalist Issued by Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), Aug 2013, for WeMo iOS app
  • User Experience Award: Silver for Best Consumer Device Issued by User Experience Awards, May 2013, for WeMo by Belkin
  • International Design Excellence Awards, Silver Issued by Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), Sep 2012, for Belkin Next Generation Router Family


…and more patents pending in networking and IoT.

See more via my LinkedIn profile, and message me there if you have something to say. Or email me@jonplummer.com. I don’t really use Mastodon yet.