(updated 2024-07-01)


We’re in the house and out of the old place, and it’s maybe 98% done. The showers all finally have doors, the garage finally has shelves, the deck boards are mostly staying down, nothing remains in the neighbors’ garage, etc. We’ve been chasing the countless tiny things that stand in the way of true completion. Eventually they will be small and infrequent enough act it’ll hit be the steady drip of maintenance. The house numbers are still temporary, though I’ve made progress on the permanent ones – the daunting process of mounting these is next. There’s a lot to figure out in a new place: where do things go, how do things work, what needs adjusting or changing and is important enough to do now or soon, what are we going to put on all of these windows to keep the sun and eyes out at the right times, how do we manipulate things to regulate temperature cheaply, is this thing a thing we can make the contractor fix, how do we hide the stupid parking lot that’s right next to the house, etc. We’re on a temporary certificate of occupancy because we need four trees of 2″ DBH, but it doesn’t make sense to put them in until the fall. Plenty to do, but it’s a house and we’re in.


The girl just graduated from high school, with good grades and an IB diploma. The college visits threw her actual desires into sharp relief – intensive ballet training followed by a college program stronger in ballet – so she will take a gap year to pursue that training out-of-state, then apply to colleges with strong ballet programs. Since she was accepted to some good schools this cycle we expect she’ll be accepted to equally good next cycle. The trick now is discerning ballet programs that are 529-compatible from those that aren’t, and putting this plan into specific action.


After leaving Belkin for Concentric Sky, and Concentric Sky for Cayuse, and then getting laid off about year later, I quickly landed at Invoca; it has been almost a year and a half, and fun so far. The core task is steering an inward-looking culture and a powerful but fragmentary product toward actual customer-centricity.


After accidentally pulling a 400lb deadlift twice a while back I’m doing it on the reg, so my interim goal of 450 is near enough to be enticing. That or I should lose 25lbs to get to pulling 2x bodyweight. (Hint: that’s the right answer – lose the spare tire.)