Weekly wins for the week of 2022 07 18

Three wins for this week:

  1. Never mind my thoughts about NPS, which I have not written up here but should (edit: See “The trouble with NPS“). Our company Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is five. Five is not terrible as it’s above zero, but it’s not something to crow about either. That of my team is eighty. If you’re curious about eNPS, Qualtrics has an okay writeup. Our engagement scores reflect a similar difference, albeit a bit less grand.
  2. Workouts this week, while at the same weights and only slightly higher volume than last week, were unexpectedly much harder. I did ’em anyhow. This might have something to do with the third win; while I’ve been losing weight slowly, I’ve also been losing energy slowly.
  3. I started with a nutrition coach. I’m in the “write everything down and don’t change anything” phase, prior to recommendations. I’m not jazzed about taking progress photos, but I am excited about having a knowledgeable person help me steer my habits toward my goal of being above average.

Have a good weekend.