Weekly wins for the week of 2022 07 25

Three wins for this week:

  1. It was less tricky than I feared to come up with four reasonable UX-led programs for the Connect Conference this October. I’m feeling more optimistic about my (and our) responsibilities for this conference than before.
  2. The nutrition coach pointed out that I’m slightly underfeeding myself with occasional peaks to try to make up for it. Even with those peaks on average I’m a little below where I should be calorie-wise and well-below where I should be protein-wise. That explains why weight and energy have both been proceeding downward and workouts have been getting harder rather than easier. I now have targets that will help me make better choices.
  3. I went for my first run in years, and it wasn’t terrible. I went slow, paid attention to duration but not distance or pace, and tried to take it easy on my knee. I used the Nike Run Club app, since it’s free. I’ll do this a few more times before making a decision about schedule, shoes, etc.

It was a little trickier than I expected to find the wins this week.