Recent wins as of 2024 06 02

It’s been a bit since I did a “weekly wins” post, mostly because of…lassitude…but with the convenient excuse that we’ve been finishing the house project and moving and setting up and shepherding the girl through the last bits of high school. So some wins have occurred since the last post, the highest of which have been

  • High school is done, with great results. Good grades, an IB diploma, grandparents visiting, relief and happiness and the bittersweet knowledge that for some friendships this might be the last hurrah all in one.
  • We’re in the house and it is great.
  • We got our full security deposit back with no argument, probably because we cleaned the hell out of the old place. And because the owners are nice. And because since they plan to move in the management company was losing the business anyway and it
  • I have an employee that has gotten some negative feedback; the core of it is old complaints, transmitted up the chain of command and lingering. People not working directly with the employee have formed persistent opinions that aren’t accurate. How to extinguish the senior management echo of a problem that’s been dealt with? Generate some data – survey the people the employee actually works with to monitor whether or not the positive behaviors in question are witnessed or not. Happily, the employee is taking it seriously, the team members are participating and helpful, and the numbers look good.