Weekly wins for the week of 2023 10 30

Things are a bit of a mess at work – a couple of key people have resigned, the 4th quarter roadmap is in turmoil, revenue is going up but there’s still plenty of ground to make up, and a recent launch and post-mortem has raised a lot of feelings and inspired a lot of shoulding among the leadership. (Folks should know not to should on themselves or others.) Even so,

  • That fraught project and launch, the one that has caused a lot of teeth to be gnashed, is getting good feedback and excitement form actual customers, and so far few bugs have been reported.
  • The roadmap, departures, and should situation present an opportunity (that I am happy to seize) to push us into more user-centricity and and agreement on quality, if only we can dispel some of the persistent misconceptions about the project triggering some of this swirl. There’s a leadership offsite coming up that I’m all too happy to throw a couple of thought-bombs into.
  • My team is being surprisingly even-keeled about the whole thing. I’m so grateful!