Weekly wins for the week of 2023 10 23

A decidedly ☯️ week, with each ⬇️ paired with an ⬆️:

  • During a tough retro on a key project the team
    • ⬇️ expressed a lot of frustration with new process tweaks, an unfamiliar level of design involvement, conflicting wishes from the team, unhappiness with the overall shape of the project (though this was known from the beginning), but
    • ⬆️ was careful not to throw blame to any function or person, and acknowledged the negative effects persistent stakeholder misconceptions had on how the project progressed. THIS we can work with!
  • Regarding some of those stakeholders
    • ⬇️ third- and fifth-hand feedback, amplified by loose talk and seniority, was brought to me as potentially damning, but
    • ⬆️ in general these stakeholders were open to feedback and clarification themselves and learned from our interaction. THIS we can work with!