Weekly wins for the week of 2023 10 02

I got to the end of the week feeling like I worked hard but didn’t accomplish much. Lots of managing, a lot less doing, and the things I said I would do by the end of the quarter are now hanging over my head a bit. But

  • I have a solid plan for the number one item on that list, and the one thing that can truly block me from enacting that plan produces its own plan.
  • New mentees are finding me and so far I’ve been able to help each one. It’s a mix of folks! Researchers, new designers, more senior folks, etc. Some of my advice has started to converge (apparently I’m consistent in what I think!), but I believe I’m giving an appropriate level of individual attention to each person and not spouting platitudes. I recognize that that’s an available danger and promise to be vigilant.
  • I once joked that my superhero identity was “explains-a-concept guy.” It has been especially true this week.