Weekly wins for the week of 2023 07 24

The health scare has passed. That alone would be enough, dayenu. A little bit of this week was taken up by dealing with not having a good memory of what transpired the prior week. Even so,

  • Simplification – as the SMS team learns more about the customers and how they can be helped with missed and after-hours calls, the proposed solution is becoming simpler rather than growing tentacles. That’s a great sign; continued customer contact and analysis across those customers, rather than specific attention to any one of them, is driving this simplification.
  • Simplification – learning about the sales process with another leader from R&D is causing us to explore simpler ways of trialing our product. And we had a breakthrough idea this week that will further simplify what we are prototyping, mostly taking the actual product and its attendant complexity out of the picture. This’ll be cheap to try and could lead in so many interesting directions that it’s really exciting.
  • Teamwork – the UX team is swarming on a key set of usability and capability improvements for our growth product, and it’s going well. The newest member of the team, from a design process and output standpoint, is running rings around one of the more senior members. It’s nice to see the development.

Also, I stopped procrastinating on a thing, and now the thing is moving well.