Weekly wins for the week of 2023 01 23

  • I installed a bluteotth kit behind the factory car stereo in the 2006 Matrix and
    • it worked on the first try,
    • it sounds great,
    • pairing was easy and the connection seems reliable, and
    • in doing so I accidentally fixed the clock.
    • I also found a decent way to plug the hole in the dash left by the old aux in jack.
  • There’s a personnel issue at work, but it has a bright side and is totally surmountable. It is very likely that the parties involved will grow as a result. That’s not an easy way to get growth, but I’ll take it, this time.
  • I hit a new one-rep deadlift max on Wednesday. 365lbs is a far cry from the max of my youth or even of a decade ago, but I can see my way to exceeding those with time. Forward!