Weekly wins for the week of 2023 01 09

This was meant to be a week in Santa Barbara for work and a little play. A climate-change-strengthened “atmospheric river” made it a week of travel difficulties, muddy torrents, and missed connections. Even so…

  • One-on-one meetings in person, with folks I’ve only recently met and met only online, went fine. Well, even.
  • Though we were only able to accomplish about half of our agenda, that half was a good half.
  • Santa Barbara has good food.
  • It was interesting to watch, over the course of a few days, our ideas about alternative travel emerge rise and fall in sensibility as conditions changed: roads closed, buses halted, trains canceled, airports shut…ultimately the tie between “take the train” and “rent a car” was decided by Amtrak taking longer to dry the flooded train tracks than CalTrans took to scrape the mud off of the 101. But…
  • …renting a car allowed us to give a ride to two team members, adding a positive to early disaster.