Weekly wins for the week of 2023 01 02

Back to work! Back to school!

  • I had good workouts this week. I’m going heavy, pushing the intensity, and I can tell the day after, but it’s not coming with the little injuries and issues that it once did. I’m adapting.
  • I let my diet go a bit (a bit?) during the holiday break and have not been that quick to come back to plan, but things are fine. I could do better at getting enough protein, and my discipline with sugar is a bit off, but nothing terrible. I’ve noticed that unless I need to report my diet to someone it’s a lot harder to keep up with logging, and thus staying on plan. It doesn’t make rational sense, but it makes emotional sense. Renting accountability is a thing.
  • The good meetings with good people at work continue – including a refreshing chat with the CEO. I remembered to ask him how he would notice if I accomplished the transformation we are hoping for, and he had an answer and a promise to think more deeply about it.
  • The real question will be whether or not this transformation and the attendant results are contradicted somehow by coming OKRs. Since the company is new to OKRs there’s widespread fear that each important thing that should be done will be crowded out if it doesn’t directly and strongly map to an OKR. The reason this is a win is that it represents the company trying to focus more, which is better than the all-too-common alternative to try harder.