Weekly wins for the week of 2022 12 12

I started my new job on Monday. It’s nice to see good people working hard on not too many products, with a leadership team working to further narrow their focus and transmit that focus throughout the organization. It’s a refreshing difference from every job I’ve had in the past. Yes, leaders will tell you that this is important, that they want to do this, that as a manager you should do this, yet so often it does not get done.

  • I’ve been included right away in some leadership-level discussions and workshops. This is as expected, but helpful nonetheless. There’s allowance for getting acclimated but no expectation that I wouldn’t be ready, which is great.
  • There’s a lot I have to learn about the products we’re working on, but people seem eager to help.
  • Most of the people I’ve spoken to so far have been relatively unvarnished about their thoughts about design and research, my team, the products, unexploited opportunities, and the results they hope for. This has helped me draft my received priorities quickly, and even if these are a little bit wrong it’s a good place to start as I diagnose the situation.
  • The girl is dancing in nine performances of The Nutcracker this year, playing six different parts in different shows. Her hard work and resolve to perform more is paying off and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

The first week is in the books!