Weekly wins for the week of 2022 11 27

It’s been American Thanksgiving this week, and we hosted due to local family either having smaller places or being in the midst of a remodel.

  • We managed to get nine around our table, in our small dining area, responsibly comfortably. The choice to roast smaller chickens rather than a big turkey, worked well. Everything was good, and the leftovers are good, and any anxieties I had about hosting and making were unfounded.
  • I received a job offer just before the holiday and it set my mind at ease.
  • While the competing jobs I’m interested in are much earlier in the process, and thus cannot be seen as competitors to the offer simply because of timing, it’s nice to have been considered by multiple firms at once.
  • The interview process, much like other discussions, reminded me what I think about certain things that are article-worthy. I can move some of my interview prep almost directly to this site, and will do so.

So it looks like I’ll accept this new offer on Monday and then be on the Pro Leisure Circuit until December 12. Yay!