How to explain a new job on LinkedIn?

As of nine weeks ago I have a new job at Cayuse. But how do I explain my accomplishments on LinkedIn when I’m so new?

Maybe I don’t. What if I instead explain what I am there to do? What would that be like?

I am building a design and research team to support the collection of 25+ disparate built and acquired products into a single coherent suite. Since I’ve recently begun, here’s what I plan to accomplish:
• Develop UX and UI design capacity and capability
• Add and develop UX research capability
• Install formative usability testing during design to de-risk detailed design decisions
• Install user insights research, concept design and validation
• Stand up a team and processes to build and improve a design system in visuals and code, for the product suite
• Gather and improve product personas to be an informative smaller set of personas for the entire suite
• Begin instrumentation of new features, to measure outcomes, by determining desired outcomes at the epic level
• Help the product team take advantage of existing pre-customer and post-launch data, such as customer success contact data, support forum and knowledge base behavior, RFP mining, sales demo feedback, etc.

I suppose over time I could exchange some of these for my accomplishments and my new plan. I’ve not seen this anywhere else. Good idea? Bad idea?