Weekly wins for the week of 2023 07 10

This was not an easy week. Several things went at least a little sideways: Tuesday’s workout wrung me out; Saturday’s was cut short by a whopper of a headache; I recognized that I’ve taken on too many projects; several people were out and despite all of our preparation that did cause some disconcert in projects; I procrastinated on a thing I really care about and made no progress on it all week. And yet there is gold among the sand:

  • A key project beset by inter-group politics, misunderstandings, and misapprehensions is seeing the politics die down and the plan emerge. And in response to a critical misunderstanding involving my team (no, while the key designer is out design capacity will not rise, but we do have a plan to maintain it and a plan to raise it further over time) a very nice meeting was had to negotiate scope. No voices raised, no disappointments even. Everyone played fair and it seems that everyone is happy with the result.
  • Procrastinating on the thing I really care about that I procrastinated on made room for a handful of other needed things that, while not as important, helped me make progress on a few of the too-many projects. Structured procrastination FTW?
  • โ€ฆand Thursday’s lifts went up just fine, while the prior Thursday was a struggle with some of them not completed. Bodies, they are strange things.