My review this quarter

I’ve shared this verbatim with my team and pointed out how it will affect our work in the coming quarter.

Jon has done a great job ramping up on all things Invoca and focusing on building out the UX discipline and helping push us to be more customer centric.

Jon has balanced time improving processes/personnel within the UX group (for ex: instituting the weekly design critique meeting) and helping create the right conditions for UX to succeed with key stakeholders (primarily PM & ENG leadership). I believe this overall area should continue to be Jon’s Q2 focus while begining to take steps to evangelize and show off results of UX output to stakeholders. We discussed a few ideas such as Trios sharing/demoing their work in settings like Invocation, CKO, Company Connect. Jon & team have also started using Lattice to publicly praise good work in Slack.

Other candidates for UX growth discussed:
* Building out UX personas/profiles under ‘business centers’ – to be used both in product development and by the organization to be more customer-centric and raise the visibility of UX.
* Building muscles as a trio and working projects in scoped iterations en route to GA vs. larger chunks shipped.
* Removing barriers or reliance on PM/others for UX to get more direct interaction with customers; having UX lead respective customer sessions (and bringing insights back to the teams) vs. being in the passenger seat.
* Jon & team potentially spending more time learning the product in conjunction with projects and their focus areas in the platform.

I also want to call out the good work Jon has done building trust and goodwill with the ‘First Team’ in R&D. I hope we can continue to focus on problems and improvement areas collectively (being open to sharing in the leadership Slack channel, etc) and use 1:1 discussions as warranted vs. the way to solve problems.

Pretty good?