Weekly wins for the week of 2023 05 08

Last week was tricky motivation-wise; there’s an onsite meeting coming up in two weeks that is very important and I’m nervous about the outcome. That’s typically a recipe for procrastination. So

  • I got four of five quarterly coaching sessions done (structured procrastination for the win).
  • We started a pilot to recruit prospective research participants; if this works we’ll have significantly lowered one of our key barriers to user research. And if not, we can pivot and use the work that went into this pilot in other channels rather than having to start over. Planning your experiments in advance is good.
  • I got some pre-reads written for the meeting by starting them roughly and sharing prior to their completion. Near as I can tell this is going to produce a better overall result as these docs are already drawing useful comments, and people are aware that they are works-in-progress so there’s no expectation that they are perfect expressions of what I think. Share early; it works!