Weekly wins for the week of 2023 04 17

  • Every Thursday I do a ladder of deadlifts – a couple light warmup sets, a handful of medium-heavy work sets, a heavyish couple/few reps, and a couple of legitimately heavy (for me) ones. I go double-overhand as long as I can, switching to a mixed grip once the bar starts to slip out of my hands. That used to happen around the end of the work sets; this week I got all the way to the final “legitimately heavy” set before having to switch grips. Getting better!
  • I finally managed to schedule some unpleasant diagnostic things I had been avoiding, a volunteer stint at the school district, shoulder PT, and close a lingering needless account by riding the momentum of just getting started. Just chipping off a chunk of a big problem and getting started is an underappreciated skill. (And it’s astonishing how deeply broken the US healthcare system is even for someone as healthy as I seem to be.)
  • The people I support are visibly responding to my coaching. That’s a win every time!