Weekly wins for the week of 2023 04 11

I’ need’ll start to keep track of wins as they happen; trying to remember all that happened last week is not easy.

  • My “plan” has been reviewed by my team and my boss without much objection – time to double-check it for intelligibility and broaden the audience.
  • One conclusion of discussion last week is that there’s widespread disagreement about how well we understand our users. This leads me to believe that the real answer is “not very well.” This is a win in that it makes they way forward much clearer. (There might also be some confusion around users versus customers here.)
  • My boss’ team meeting is about to get a lot spicier – he’ll have some news as usual, but we’re all expected to bring statuses (though not statusing (future article)!) and discussion topics. I’m full of that stuff, and it’ll be good to have the opportunity to display accountability (future article).