Weekly wins for the week of 2023 03 13

Last week was all about an off-site meeting involving the product and engineering groups.

(What does off-site mean in today’s remote-first environment? Never mind.)

  • It was a good set of sessions! in particular, the hackathon presentations were funny and inspiring. Enough so that I’m tempted to get back into coding a little. Maybe I could hack(athon) a bit one day.
  • My team really came together working on our “elevator-pitch-style” team charter. I have some homework to do to set us up for the last step, but it’s a pleasure to collect the good thoughts of good people trying hard to improve.
  • A coworker made their displeasure with the past UX regime abundantly clear in a group setting, and I decided I would not let it bother me. Even so, it did, for a bit. But later when we talked about it and I told them I had decided not to let it bother me, it actually no longer bothered me. It worked!