Weekly wins for the week of 2022 12 19

Things are quieting down at work as people prepare for the holidays and tack a little more break onto the company’s end-of-year break next week. Even so

  • I managed to interview twenty or so key employees and pick up the names of another nine I should talk to
  • I started to plumb the depths of what we do and don’t know about our users โ€“ there are many opinions about the adequacy of what we know, and I suspect most of them are at least directionally right (most folks I have spoken to think we know at least a little less than we should).
  • I moved portfolio items to this site and dropped the other host. It all looks like a dog’s breakfast at the moment, but phase one of my “online presence improvement project” is thus under way.
  • I had productive one-on-ones and critique with the few members of my team that aren’t yet on vacation. It’s nice to get back into the routine and to be helping.