Weekly wins for the week of 2022 11 28

  • I accepted the offer and will start December 12. Startup paperwork was mostly easy, save for finding the exact dates of move in/out and start/stop for my address and work histories. Getting a local notary to do my I-9 right took a couple of tries, but it is done, supposedly.
  • Christmas gifts are almost entirely sewn up. Everything I don’t already have in-hand is at least ordered and on the way.
  • I brought a little bit of interview prep here as an article. It was easy. And since similar articles are an important part of my portfolio in that they are demonstrations of what I bring to a team, I feel I should figure out how to usefully mingle these with more traditional portfolio items. That could take a lot of forms, but I’ll turn my advice on myself and
    • Name the problem specifically
    • Identify the audiences and what I need them to see or learn
    • Come up with several concepts to address that problem, for those audiences
    • Select one concept according to its fitness AND feasibility
    • Only then execute that concept, progressively