Weekly wins for the week of 2022 10 31

Last week I pointed out that

The moment I announced I am #openToWork on LinkedIn there was an inrush of good wishes and referrals and recommendations.

Over the past week I’ve noticed the stream of well-wishers, recommenders, and referrers continue. This reminds me that

  • I have a bigger and better network than I give myself credit for
  • Some of those relationships have been surprisingly resilient (as I’ve not been the best about keeping in touch in most cases)
  • The people who have been recommending me have been recommending me for largely the same traits and activities. So these traits are real, and I can use this fact to let impostor syndrome calm down a little bit.

In addition, a second flood has begun – little tidbits that would be useful fodder for this blog or LinkedIn posts are becoming more apparent to me, and more often. I’m still wrestling with the “what does the portfolio of a director look like” issue, but I hope to have that sorted out soon, and I bet it will involve talking about how to get the work done more than the work itself..