Weekly wins for the week of 2022 08 01

Five(!) wins for this week. It pays to think about what good is happening:

  1. After buying some cheap running shoes ($70, about as cheap as they had that felt good) I went for a run again. I hated it, but only a little bit, mainly at first, and much less that I would have had I not been wearing proper shoes. I’m four runs in and can see this as a possible “thing I do.” Between lifting three times a week, walking sevenish times a week, and running threeish times a week I’m getting a fair amount of exercise now.
  2. My knee flexion has improved to the point that I can do a Turkish get-up on either side without cheating. That’s a nice improvement.
  3. One of my mentees has progressed from “how do I convince my boss to let me do what I want” to “how do I communicate about this issue so we can have a productive discussion,” which is a critical change. I’m proud of them!
  4. Upheaval in a product has given that product manager and one of the designers I support to do some real live user research, and they are so excited by what they are learning that it seems like to significantly help the product and strengthen informed collaboration on the team. I’m proud of them!
  5. There was disconcert in a different product team, and I’ve helped address it mostly by pushing the designer and product owner together, and encouraging the two of them to pull the tech lead in to their discussions. I’m not sure how that team became so disconnected, but it hurt, and we’re meeting with some success undoing that. Everyone involved has so far been able to set aside whatever ill will had emerged. I’m proud of them!

Never mind the distractions, these are nice results.