A quick link re the Slackquisition

M.C.Seigler has a somewhat inspirational take on the Salesforce acquisition of Slack, namely that > I believe that much like with Apple 20-some years ago, the timing will be right for the experience of using something to matter to the point where it changes the equation not just of a market, but of the entire world.

And that > I believe such a change will happen in the enterprise as well.

He points out that this will likely be a slow process. And it will; it has been a slow process for decades already. The fact that enterprise buyers are often not adept, day-to-day enterprise users has kept focus squarely on development cost at the expense of quality, ease, (ironically) cost of support, and a thousand tiny daily charges against goodwill as people wrestle with awkward enterprise software.

But the shift from in-house enterprise IT to SaaS and managed services has set the table for competition on experience and lower cost of support. SaaS teams with enough focus can compete on experience quality at whatever scale if they remember to continuously reconnect with their users.